3% Fee, No fixed charges

With Adamite staking you get to keep your profits; we only charge the minimum necessary to provide highly reliable stake pools. We have no fixed fees, so you always pay the same rate and we share the good days and the bad together.


How to delegate

Currently Cardano staking in the testnet phase and you need special test net wallet to participate. Daedalus and Yoroi both have versions with the testnet support. Learn more about Cardano staking on the official website staking.cardano.org
Adamite Pool id: 22b4b72af455a957dd7e868088143fe5a12320305acc1d6c96bd6f40bbe8731e


Instructions comming soon

Instructions comming soon

Command line

If you use this option, we assume the you know what are you doing. You can find our Pool ID above. Please refer to the official documentation for the details.


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